5 More Habits of Highly Productive Real Estate Agents

5 More Habits of Highly Productive Real Estate Agents

Guest post by Leighton Dees, Chairman and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Generations in Mobile, AL.

In my last post 5 Habits of Highly Productive Real Estate Agents, we explored techniques designed to improve your efficiency and boost your productivity. With the many distractions that plague our day, I often wonder how real estate agents are productive at all.  Creating habits that produce consistent results will allow you to focus on those top priority, money making activities.

There is no use wasting your time on a trivial task when a much more important one can be accomplished.  Just remember, becoming a highly productive real estate agent is an ongoing process and will not happen overnight.  Commit to tasks that you can and will accomplish and then build over time.

5 More Productivity Habits

1. Get Some Exercise

Getting up out of your chair and moving around is a tip all successful real estate professionals practice.  They understand that exercise is great for the brain and the body.  Commit to at least 30 minutes a few times per week whether it’s a walk up and down the block or a jog around your local gym.

As Nike says …”Just Do It!”

2. Use Technology that Makes Your Life Easier

Technology can swamp us, leaving us mired in a mess of systems; tools and programs that bog us down rather then promote productivity.  Incorporate only what works and shut everything else down.  Jumping from one system to the next only creates confusion and lag time between tasks.

Find a system that automates daily duties and tasks that you repeat time and again.  Go through your computer and delete what’s not needed.  I’m certain you will find at least 3-4 programs that looked attractive, but provided less then stellar results.  Find those and DELETE them.  Go on.  I’ll wait.  Do it now.

3. Speed Things Up

Working at a faster pace does not equal a productive day in less time, but focusing on your high payoff tasks at a quicker pace can.  Rather then dragging your feet and bouncing from one task to the next, time yourself to see how long it truly takes you to complete any one item.

Again, it’s about eliminating your distractions.  Shut it off, shut it down and stay focused on what matters most.

4. Work at Your Most Productive Time

If you know you’re an early bird, get out of bed and get yourself going. Don’t spend time making your coffee, talking to friends or checking out the entertainment column in US Today.

Likewise, if you’re a night owl, then schedule your non-phone based tasks around that time of the evening.

Find the most optimal time when you’re alert and eager to “take on the day.”  Obviously night owls will struggle with completing many tasks at night since real estate is still a relationship business.  However, there are many tasks associated with our job that require the computer and paperwork.

5. Try New Techniques

Changing up patterns or techniques can boost productivity.  I know it sounds strange since it would seem that creating structure and systems would make us more productive.  There are those times though when our techniques have become antiquated and there are better ways to manage your business.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but limit yourself to one at a time.  This goes back to #2 and using technology wisely.  Productivity can only be achieved through consistent habits and a willingness to eliminate the “noise” that surrounds you.  Work on that and you’ve won half the battle!

What did I miss?  I would love to hear what you are doing to stay productive!

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