4 Tricks to Increase Interest in Your Properties

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If a property isn’t garnering interest, there is a problem. Very rarely is apathy a result of uninterested buyers. A lack of interest in a property is often the result of a poorly priced home, inadequate marketing, or insufficient property information. It’s important to address these problems immediately because they can hurt more than the sale of the home. Having a property on the market for long periods with little action can reflect poorly on your real estate business. Competitors will perceive your services as incompetent, leaving room for them to move in on your client with a better proposal. It also hints to potential clients that your real estate services are not adequate. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to increase interest for even the most uninteresting properties. The secret is to find out what is deterring potential homebuyers and move forward.

Market quality visual content of the property
There is no amount of marketing that can sell poor visuals. If the property photos and virtual tours aren’t high quality, they won’t generate interest in the property. When a home for sale is not garnering interest, the first thing to do as a real estate agent is to look at the marketing materials. The problem could be that the visual content used to advertise the property is not appealing. If photos and videos of your listing are of poor quality, slow to load or prove troublesome in any way, your chances of attracting homebuyers lessen considerably, especially among millennials. To fix this problem, you’ll need a high-definition camera or a real estate photographer to take new photos of the property. If you are taking the photos yourself, research how to take quality real estate images to ensure the property is properly displayed.

Show off the unique features of the homes
If you have done your research, new visual content should suffice. However, simply having high-quality photos and videos of a property doesn’t mean that it’ll suddenly become interesting to potential buyers. The photos need to capture the entire home and everything it has to offer. They need to make potential homebuyers want to see the property in person. When done properly, real estate photography will effectively showcase the unique features of a home, the details of every room, and the qualities that make it a must-have property.

Highlight what makes the home different from similar properties
The other homes for sale in the area are the property’s competition. It’s important to conduct an audit on your competitors’ listings and other homes in the area to see what they’re doing to garner interest. This also can be an excellent way to identify where your marketing is lacking. Conduct an audit on other listings in the area to determine how you can make the home you’re selling stand out from similar properties. The property you’re selling may have better landscaping, upgraded amenities, or extra bathrooms. Whatever it is, find out what makes the home noteworthy.  Make sure it is highlighted in step one.

Analyze other properties for sale to determine if listing price is appropriate
A lack of interest is often the direct result of poor pricing. Examine the listing prices of the property along with others in the areas, and conduct a thorough analysis of the real estate market to ensure pricing is accurate. When you list a home at the right price, it’ll naturally be exposed to more qualified buyers. Never overlook the asking price; it heightens the likelihood of selling a property quickly.

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