4 Tips to Build Your Book of Business


Lead generation allows you to create a steady flow of new opportunities and clients. By building your book, you will never have a dry season.

Don’t forget about the indirect approach
The number one rule to success in sales is to make clients feel like you are just a helpful friend. Promoting your services and not being obvious is no easy feat. However, with creativity and drive, it is possible.

Instead of posting ads on Facebook, consider commenting on niche-specific viral posts with valuable information. Another idea is to sponsor a youth team or host an event within your community. Be present without pestering leads.

Increase your search engine optimization rank
The better your website search engine optimization, the higher your Google ranking. You must have a robust SEO strategy to get online traction. Infuse your website’s metadata, photo alt tags and blog posts with popular keyword search terms. It is important to not only have SEO that brings people to your website but also SEO-rich content that keeps them there. Post high-quality and consistent content to do the selling for you.

Offer a referral program 
Existing clients are an excellent way to build your book of business. They’re already familiar with your exceptional level of service and can help you weed out low-quality leads. Decide on the type of referral program you wish to offer. Afterward, send out a personalized email blast from your CRM system to introduce previous clients to your unique offer. Before you know it, you’ll have a flood of familiar faces sending over possible connections.

Reconnect with the past
Reach out to people you haven’t seen or heard from in a while, including friends, family members, alumni, and teammates. They’ll most likely inquire as to what you have been up to, presenting the perfect opportunity to indirectly sell your services and build your book of business. Your services will be imprinted in their mind for the next time your name is brought up in  casual conversation.

Implement these unique approaches to your business building strategies to expand your book of business.

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