12 Essential Real Estate Marketing Videos

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The real estate mantra used to be location, location, location. With the introduction of social media, it should now be connection, connection, connection. Videos are an excellent way to expand your reach by engaging with those who are interested in either buying or selling. ComScore recently reported that online videos increase consumer preference by up to 25 percent. With numbers like those, it’s time to review 12 of the most popular types of video to expand your reach with every upload. Video is the wave of the future, and it’s time to climb aboard!

1 Interview Videos

Testimonials are essential to building your reputation. No need to panic when it comes to finding willing participants; clients you have already worked with are a great resource. If clients are happy with your work, they will most likely be willing to film a short testimonial video. Don’t forget that your colleagues in the real estate industry can also polish your reputation. Ask clients and colleagues for a brief interview explaining your professionalism and results. Make sure to ask sensible questions that will result in usable sound bites. Include a brief, personal introduction in the beginning so viewers can connect the testimonials with your face. Remember, this is not the time to skimp on quality. Invest in your future by selecting professionals who can help you look your best with the right equipment.

2 Informational Videos

What is common knowledge to you might be mind blowing to clients. Prove your expertise by sharing valuable information in brief, content-rich videos. If you are not sure what to discuss, it might be best to start with FAQ and do a short video for each answer. Brevity is key, as you don’t want to overwhelm viewers. Avoid looking unprepared by practicing your script a few times before going on camera.

3 Local Business Review Videos

To potential buyers, new neighborhoods may be intimidating.  Show viewers the inside scoop on a community by answering the same questions you would want to know. Where are the best places to eat? Which park is considered the absolute best and worthy of being shown some attention to the viral world?  Other videos can include community features such as parks or a local landmark. These topics will work to your advantage as people with local loyalties will want to join in the conversation, which might result in increased views and engagement. Local business owners will appreciate the free attention and may give you perks such as the best table when bringing in clients.

4 Live Stream

People want to see homes at their convenience, and live streaming is on trend. The advantage to livestreaming is that it allows you to communicate in real time and engage a broad audience. Virtual open houses can be seen by those who might be moving to the area. Go with the standard Facebook Live to stream open houses. Make sure to create an event page for the property a few days beforehand to emphasize the time and address. Repeat information about the home multiple times throughout the broadcast for new viewers. Consider broadcasting a Q & A session so viewers can engage with you in real time. Nurture your connections with information and engagement.

5 Listing Videos

Each listing is unique and should be treated as such. Now you have the opportunity to share each home’s value with the world. Listing videos are a way to customize the way a home is presented to the world. By taking viewers on a private tour, you can engage them with your expertise and welcoming personality. Start by figuring out which features of the home are stand-outs. It could be a great pool, Brazilian cherry wood floors throughout or stunning views. Pick features that are so amazing they just have to be shared. Center the video on these features and get creative with background music or descriptions. Make your virtual tours must-sees.

6 Office Promo Videos

Bragging, in the case of office promotional videos, will work in your favor. With social media, agents and brokers have a chance to talk about what makes them special. You can start by discussing the successes you have found in your specialty. Show off awards you have won and explain their meaning for those who may not be familiar with the industry. Brokers can discuss company culture and why it works in the client’s favor. Be sure to go beyond the clichés like, ‘we’rejust like family’ or the celebration of individual strengths as one. Options include taking viewers on a short tour of the office, introducing them around as you would if they were right in front of you.

7 “About Me”/Agent Profile Videos

Human connection is the most powerful force on the planet. Harness the desire to know and be known with a video that shows a more personal side. This will not detract from your reputation as an expert as it will make you more likable to viewers. Share relatable personal information. You can share that you love dogs or that fishing trips with your parents were a touchstone in your formative years. Once you have introduced yourself, start sharing your credentials and why you are passionate about helping others find their ideal home. Stories are a great way to connect. Talk about selling your first home or something that you’re proud of related to the industry. Future clients will feel as if you are now an acquaintance rather than a stranger.

8 Local Culture

Similar to local business videos, local culture videos showcase the sense of community within a neighborhood. Show off popular gathering spots and charming destinations such as parks or wishing wells. Ask clients who have recently moved into the neighborhood for testimonials. Every community has at least one event that makes it unique – parades, celebrations or even a charity garage sale shows neighbors enjoying something that brings them together. Make each neighborhood personable and welcoming with engaging videos.

9 “How-to” Videos

A video that demonstrates your expertise can also be a great educational resource. Share hacks or advice to navigate topics that are complicated for those outside the industry. Ask friends and family for topics, or research which ones are trending on social media. People may want to know how to pick an agent or how to read an inspection report. SEO counts here, so make sure “How To” is include in the title. How-to videos for DIY home projects can be targeted to Millennials who see DIY projects as an investment in their homes (include stat). Ask local experts for utmost credibility. To get shares, show a unique way to do a common project.

10 Housing Market Update Videos

The housing market can be a mystery to clients. Some reports are optimistic while others predict doom. Clients can be clueless when the terms “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market” are casually thrown around in conversation. Whatever it all means, clients want to be on the right side of the equation and want a friendly insider – you – to tell them whether it’s a good time to buy or sell. Give clients and potential leads the inside scoop on trends and rules. By consistently posting videos on the housing market, some may begin to think of you as their personal expert and give great references.

11 Instagram & Snapchat Videos

Social media is as much a part of marketing as direct mailings. The key is harnessing the power of platforms and knowing how to reach your audience with curated videos. Snapchat and Instagram take advantage of the visual nature of real estate. Both platforms use short videos known as stories which are live for 24 hours and offer a wealth of options. Snapchat geofilters are only available when a Snapchat user is in a specific location, which offers a sense of exclusivity. These filters allow you to have further reach because those taking pictures with the geofilter skin will rapidly multiply within their personal networks to effortlessly expand your reach. Content for both platforms can include listings and open houses. Engage followers by offering an inside peek at your life or something personal you would not mind going live for a full day.

12 Year-in-Review Videos

Let people know what a good year you’ve had by putting together a year-in-review video. Highlight your successes over the past 12 months. Include snippets of listings, open houses and events you have sponsored.

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