10 Quick Gardening Projects to Improve Curb Appeal


Springtime is an excellent time to sell houses, with people coming out after winter and thinking about the following school year. Encourage sellers to make a memorable first impression by sprucing up their yards. Consider these ten quick and easy gardening projects to improve the curb appeal instantly – and interest in the property.

Flower Boxes and Hanging Baskets

One of the fastest and easiest ways to add a pop of color to the front of a house is by displaying flower boxes and hanging baskets. Flower boxes are an ideal way to bring the beauty of plants indoors by opening a window during showings. Strategically place colorful hanging baskets on decks, porches, patios, fences, and doorways. 

Blooming Gardens

Nothing gets more attention than a vibrant spring garden in full bloom. Include a rainbow of annuals and perennials for ongoing visual interest throughout the season. Sellers can also consider planting a mature tree with flowers as a focal point in the yard. Add creative touches, such as banners and garden flags with seasonal images, for added interest.

Better Bedding Edges

Planting decorative flower beds is just half a project. Beautiful edging puts the finishing touch on prolific flower gardens. Use stones, bricks, fencing, and other tiny hardscapes to create borders around flower gardens in the front and backyard. Edging existing gardens is an affordable way for sellers to add instant curb appeal to the front of their homes. Once these touches are added, take photos and video of the gardens to showcase in listing descriptions and marketing materials. 

Decorative Bench

Bringing unique elements to the front yard is a simple way to add curb appeal and attract more buyers. Benches are welcoming and make buyers imagine themselves relaxing in the outdoor spaces. Make a bench lively by displaying garden elements on the seat, such as a watering can and gardening tools. Put a straw hat on a hook above the bench for a rustic feel.

Solar Lighting

Installing electrical garden lights is a stellar feature, but most are more expensive than sellers want to spend. Bring light to outdoor spaces at night by placing solar lights near walkways, driveways, garden borders, and doorways. A few solar lights go a long way for potential buyers finding homes for sale and real estate signs at night.

Plant Ground Cover and Grass Seed

Trying to fix bare spots and irregular areas on walkways and garden areas can become costly when hardscapes need replacing. Planting ground cover is an affordable option for sellers looking to eliminate unsightly regions by making them pretty. Most lawns have a few bare patches or spots with weeds. Planting grass seed and putting down fertilizer helps sellers have the green lawn buyers prefer.

Add a Birdbath

Birdbaths are a quick way to bring life and cheer to the front of a property. Bring native birds to the garden with fragrant flowers and a birdbath filled with water. Birdbaths also come with pretty fountains and solar lighting to attract potential buyers in the evening. Hang a bird feeder to bring winged friends to the property and get nature-loving home buyers to pay attention.

Magnificent Mailbox

Mailboxes are one of the first features people see when they view a house for sale. Encourage sellers to invest in a mailbox that matches the house. Plant colorful flowers with edging around the mailbox for spring curb appeal that lasts into the early summer. Agents who use local SEO and visual marketing tools are sure to sell homes with curb appeal before the end of the busy spring season. Better Homes and Gardens® affiliated agents have access to outstanding marketing tools to maximize online marketing efforts.

Focus on the Front Door

Another feature people instantly see when they view homes for sale is the front door. Large doorways may include hanging planters and a small container garden. Small doors are complemented by a single hanging flower basket and a spring plant in an eye-catching urn.  An inviting entranceway makes buyers want to go inside and see more.

Clean the Windows and Siding

Details make the difference when it comes to curb appeal. Ask buyers to clean the windows and siding to enhance the gardens and make the front of the house look well-maintained. Cleansers can be attached to a garden hose to get rid of surface dirt and grime on the house’s windows, siding, and roof.

A few quick DIY gardening projects can help improve curb appeal and attract more buyers. Agents who encourage sellers to make a few affordable investments in curb appeal can sell more houses and get referrals in the future.

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