Tips on Communicating with Your Seller


You never want to be the real estate agent that gets a reputation for poor communication. The most common complaint sellers have about their real estate agent is their lack of contact. Although you’re busy trying to get your seller’s house sold, it’s imperative to maintain open lines of communication. You must build a rapport within the real estate industry. Ensure a positive experience with a few communication tips.

1. Always explain the process

It’s crucial to provide all necessary information when communicating with your seller. Their investment is incredibly important to them; surprises will never be appreciated. Always thoroughly explain the process of selling a home. Consider offering an e-book or an online video to explain the entire process from start to finish. You may want to include specifics such as the MLS listing process and your marketing plan. Allow your clients to feel included throughout the selling procedure, even if they aren’t communicating directly with you on the phone.

2. Determine your client’s preferred method of communication

Some clients will want a phone call on a regular basis. Others prefer a text or email when some new information is received. Every client is different, so determine their preferred method and frequency of communication.  Your clients shouldn’t have to chase you down to get an update on the selling process. Once you know their preferences, you can use that to your advantage to keep your clients happily informed.

3. Always relay valuable information

Whenever you speak with your seller, always try to provide valuable feedback. Even if there have been no developments in the selling process since the last time you spoke, reassure them about what you’ve been doing behind the scenes to get their house sold. Although there may not be much movement on their listing, provide them with a sense of security. Keep them updated with feedback or market updates.

4. Understand your role as a consultant

Once you have obtained a listing, your role switches over to being a consultant. Your clients want to gain as much information about the process as possible, which provides you with the opportunity to build customer loyalty and trust.

Strong communication skills are almost always at the top of the list of desirable traits of a real estate agent for a seller. Even if no movement has been made on their particular listing, you need to communicate regularly with your clients.

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