Yes, You Can! How to Become the Best Real Estate Agent in the Neighborhood

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Local celebrities are professionals who leverage
their neighborhood notoriety to create a profitable brand. Everyone needs to
buy, sell, or rent a property. And these people are looking for a real estate
expert with leadership qualities who understands
the area. Learn how you can – yes, you really can! – become the best real estate agent in the neighborhood.

Get Focused

Scattered efforts in multiple directions can mean
missed leads. Focus on a specific neighborhood, then live, eat, and breathe the
area. Check out every aspect of the local scene, from where to find schools and
doctors to the best place for a family dinner. Define the factors that make the
place unique and identify neighborhood concerns. Authentic interest in the area
builds enthusiasm and establishes a feeling of trust for the agent.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Successful real estate agents know everyone, so they
are a valuable resource in any property-related interaction. Get to know
mortgage bankers, inspectors, attorneys, accountants, contractors, landlords,
farmers, insurance agents, builders, and other local business owners. Be
available to answer questions and talk about neighborhood real estate. Hand out
business cards and encourage people to share them. Offer to refer clients to
reputable neighborhood professionals to establish a practice of mutual referrals.
For example, an agent who works with a builder can connect with more real estate

Become a Community Advocate

The most memorable local agents are integrated into
the community. People see them as members or officers of local boards and
associations as well as the chamber of commerce. Many volunteer for their
favorite causes, such as beautification projects and cleaning up local parking
lots. Local experts dive into the community, tackling its project and concerns.
They also have a great time at neighborhood parades and events. Start a blog to
write about past and upcoming news. Include original photos and videos to show
what makes the area a great place to live, work, and socialize.

Get Smart and Start Sharing Neighborhood Updates

Keep the smartphone handy at all times to take
photos of local parks, beaches, flowers, and historical venues. Share the
pictures and videos on social media with catchy captions. Join local groups on
sites such as Facebook to connect with the right target audience. Share posts
about personal passions, such as boating, golfing, gardening, or fine dining.
Talking about what makes a neighborhood a fun place is sure to attract more
buyers and renters – and their friends and families.

Create a Map of Area Attractions

While a GPS helps people find specific destinations,
a localized map gives them a personal feel for the area. Savvy agents create a
map of area attractions to provide to potential clients. Include historic
attractions, galleries, restaurants, beaches, parks, and unusual places few
people know about – such as the cemetery on a dead-end from the 1700s.
Providing a comprehensive overview of the area shows the agent has detailed
local knowledge.

Know the Local Economic Trends

Agents must know the national, regional, and local
economic trends to provide the best advice to any type of client. Be aware of
median sale prices, time properties are on the market, local turnover, and the
types of properties that sell in the area. Share this information with other
local professionals, and post updates on social media to become known as a
neighborhood pro. Want to step it up a notch? Offer free home valuations to attract sellers looking to
list a home. Get to know more about financing option and have handy resources
to share with buyers. Keep the process a local as possible to build trust,
referrals, and a reputation as the best real estate
agent in the area.

Do the Demographics

Does the neighborhood attract millennial buyers,
seniors, or families? Were there more luxury homes or low-income housing units
built in the past two years? Consider the demographics to understand the target
market. Know who they are and what they want to provide the highest level of
service every step of the way. Focus on the growing demographics to build a
foundation for future business and referrals. Another option is to choose an
underserved niche market to attract a specific target audience. Find updates
through the United States Census Bureau and the local assessor’s office.

Host Unforgettable Open Houses

Few people can resist – or forget – an enjoyable
party. Make open houses an experience people look forward to sharing. Attract
local agents, investors, mortgage lenders, and buyers with unique parties that
provide useful information. Invite neighborhood celebrities to attend and have
a sensational soiree with high-end bottled water and finger foods. Provide
handouts such as the map of area attractions, a colorful brochure about the
property, and a list of local business professionals. People will look forward
to these open houses as an opportunity to network and learn more about the
latest neighborhood happenings.

Stay on Top of the Trends

Are there plans to build a new corporate park that
will add more jobs – and people who need housing – to the area? Are the seniors
moving out and who is moving in? Stay on top of the trends, from the new
restaurant in town to a community group dedicated to preserving regional
wildlife. Keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on right now to become the
go-to person for neighborhood news. Be the first to visit new businesses and
try fresh ideas. Become a leader people remember when they want real estate
advice. Attend some continuing education classes to stay on top of industry
updates. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to the Be Better University® for ongoing professional development and best practices.

Loving the local area
can transform an agent into a neighborhood expert people trust. Staying in tune
with the surroundings is the easiest way to become the best
real estate agent in the area. Use leadership
qualities and localized expertise to build a network of referrals and
happy clients who come back when they want to buy or sell again.

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