What Do Real Estate Agents Wear? Facts Newbies Should Know

Education, training, and ongoing research are
cornerstones to an agent’s long-term success. Before agents can prove their
worth, they must make a stellar first impression. Much like cleaning up the
front yard of a house for sale, an agent’s personal “curb
appeal” influences whether a potential client takes the relationship to
the next level. What do real estate agents wear
for success? Discuss some timeless facts every newbie should know.

One Opportunity to Make a First Impression

Agents have one opportunity to make a great first
impression. Be clean, professional, and suitable for the venue and occasion.
Always carry business cards and offer them to everyone you meet. Each
interaction is a networking opportunity to connect with a future client. Dress
for success and use promotional tools wisely to promote your business.

Learn How to Blend

Defining the target audience is the first step in
determining the right wardrobe for a real estate agent. For example, an agent
who sells vacation properties would wear more casual clothing than one
marketing commercial properties. Agents in farming communities might wear
jeans, which would not fit into a luxury market where buyers expect the highest
levels of service and professionalism. Agents who blend in with the target
market are more relatable and approachable.

Be Aware of Personal Hygiene

Always keep personal hygiene in mind. Keep
toothpicks, breath spray, and a comb handy for quick fixes between
appointments. Avoid wearing heavy fragrances that could be offensive to people
with allergies. Maintain a tidy and classic appearance when meeting with
clients. Keep your nails and hair well-groomed. While accessorizing is fun,
choose conservative pieces for work, and wear the bold ones on the weekend.

Maintain a Professional Appearance

A real estate agent is a professional career, and
your attire should reflect this level of accomplishment and expertise.
Traditional options include dress pants or slacks, blazers, cardigans, and
blouses or shirts. Unless you work in a farm community, reserve jeans for free
time. Carry an attractive briefcase to keep technology and paperwork organized
on-the-go. Pay attention to details, such as repairing a ripped seam or
replacing worn heels on shoes.

What About Your Wheels?

Beyond hygiene and apparel, real estate agents need
to travel to house showings, open houses, and closings. Having a
well-maintained vehicle is an integral part of an agent’s tool kit and image. A
running car is required to meet clients and show properties. Choose a vehicle
that reflects the typical buyer’s persona, such as a minivan for young parents
or a luxury car for high-end clients. Just like an agent’s wardrobe, the car should resonate with the
target market’s lifestyle. While an agent’s car should fit into his or her
budget, it also needs to be relatable to typical clients.

A Day at the Office

Often real estate agents spend a day or two in the
office to return phone calls, review leads and peruse the latest listings.
Business casual is suitable these days because the agent should be
comfortable,  yet ready to interact with
clients. Khaki pants, turtlenecks, jackets, and cardigans are all easy-going
ways to remain professional while tackling routine office work. Of course,
almost anything goes when an agent is working from home.

What to Wear to Show a House

Based on the area, an agent must be prepared for the
terrain when showing houses. On rainy or snowy days, bring jackets, umbrellas,
and boots. Agents showing waterfront properties might want to wear flat, closed
shoes to avoid slipping. An agent showing a chicken farm would dress
differently than one showing a city penthouse. Wear practical shoes to keep up
with clients who want to see multiple properties.

Appropriate Closing Day Apparel

Agents should fit in with the other professional team members at
, such as
lawyers, bankers, and title agents. Stick to neutral colors and classic styles.
Choose crisp shirts, quality suits, and conservative shoes. Be ready to sit at
a table with well-dressed professionals who are prepared for business to gain
your client’s trust and make them feel comfortable about your abilities.

Know What Not to Wear

Besides knowing the right clothes, an agent should
also be aware of what not to wear to work. Avoid ripped jeans, leggings,
workout gear, and t-shirts with graphic designs and lettering. Of course, the
one exception would be the quality branded
Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents can wear to meetings and give
to clients to promote their services.

When newbies ask, “What do real estate agents wear?” the answer might not
be as simple as expected. Always be professional, keep the comfort zone of the
target audience in mind, and be aware of the meeting venue. An appropriately
dressed agent inspires trust and respect to connect with more clients. Make
sure you have proper “curb appeal” whenever you
meet with clients!

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