Unique Ways to Market Luxury Penthouses for Sale

Buyers searching for an oasis in the center of
bustling cities are attracted to the amenities of a penthouse. And buying a
high-end apartment is an appealing lifestyle. Selling the property and its
possibilities make it easier to draw attention to these high-priced homes.
Discover unique ways to market luxury penthouse for sale for buyers looking to
find a house with both privacy and proximity to metropolitan conveniences.

Develop the Buyer’s Personas

Since their inception in the 1920s in New York City, penthouses have been coveted by
discerning buyers. Knowing the preferences and intentions of these buyers is
crucial to resonate with this narrow niche market. Develop typical buyer
personas based on detailed market research. Learning the demographics and
habits of this target audience is the first step to developing compelling

Provide a Bird’s Eye View

Panoramic views are one of the leading reasons
people want penthouse apartments. Use aerial photography and video to provide a
bird’s eye view of the home. Drone photography is a cutting-edge way to get
these impressive images. Showcase features such as the top floor views, a
rooftop deck, and outdoor balconies and living space that make the place more
desirable. Luxury buyers want to imagine themselves escaping the din of the
city for a while in their own rooftop getaway.

Host a Tea or Cocktail Party

Go beyond having a regular open house with cookies
in the oven and business cards on the kitchen table. High-end buyers are
accustomed to being wined and dined for their attention. Determine the types of
buyers you want to attract then plan a party they want to attend. Host an
authentic afternoon tea or a trendy cocktail party in the early evening hours.
Invite local trendsetters, celebrities, and entertainers. Show how perfect the
place is for entertaining guests for business or pleasure.

Just Add More Photos and Promote

Many luxury buyers want to preview properties from
their computer or mobile devices before scheduling a viewing. The limited
number of photos that usually accompany a listing won’t be enough to entice
these busy buyers. Invest in a professional photographer and enhance a
well-written description with detailed visuals. Add images of each room, and
the outdoor spaces the buyers can tour the home from their homes or offices
before making an appointment to see it. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate
agents have access to a library of eye-catching promotional photos and other
essential tools to market luxury

Go on a Virtual Tour

Take it to the next level by providing a virtual
tour of the home. Hiring a videographer gives virtual tours a professional
feel, instantly giving buyers an impression of quality. Another option is
creating excitement around a live tour of the home on the day it goes on the
market. Share the event on social media and generate hype by sharing posts a
few days before the tour. Point out the fabulous amenities that make the
penthouse a perfect choice for the pickiest buyers.

Offer Sleek Printed Materials

Classic printed materials have become uniquely
cutting-edge. Brochures and booklets were once one of the only ways to market
luxury homes. Now people are impressed to see agents who still realize the
value of giving out something that reminds them of the house long after they
view it. Seeing the brochure the next day might make a reluctant buyer decide
to contact the agent to discuss it further.

Focus on the Lifestyle

When marketing luxury penthouses for sale, focus on
the lifestyle as much as the property. Many buyers of these urban homes want
conveniences. A doorman, concierge, top-quality appliances, and proximity to
shopping, restaurants, and offices are all selling points. Craft compelling
descriptions to help buyers imagine themselves living the life they always
wanted at the penthouse.

Share the Talk of the Town

Blogging and social media posts are excellent ways
to reach out to young people who want penthouses. Go beyond generic posts and
craft a blog around luxury lifestyles. Choosing this niche means staying
focused on what this smart target market wants. Highlight real estate trends
and tie them into local happenings. Sponsor and attend charitable events where
agents can mingle with potential buyers and sellers.

Assimilate Into a World of Luxury

Luxury buyers prefer to deal with people they know
and trust. Assimilate into a world of luxury to become a recognizable face. Be
natural and authentic, choosing hobbies and places you like. Try golfing, wine
tasting, gallery openings, yacht clubs, and other venues that attract a wealthy
crowd. Be enthusiastic and make connections with the right people to help
market and sell a penthouse.

Thinking beyond the norm
is crucial to market luxury penthouses for sale. Helping high-end buyers find a
house that suits all there desires is a sure way to get repeat business and

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