Tips for Dominating the Luxury Short-Term Rentals Niche

From high-end vacationers
to first-class business travelers, short-term rental properties offer optimum
privacy and exclusivity. Agents who recognize the potential of this growing
niche market are sure to profit from these real estate listings. Discover smart
tips to start dominating the luxury short-term rentals niche, which continues
to become increasingly popular.

Craft an Irresistible Description

Consider the target market for a luxury
perform keyword research to find relevant terms to include in the property
description. Write a compelling narrative that helps people visualize
themselves staying there. Describe the rental and its benefits, such as near
the beach or in proximity to restaurants. Help people imagine themselves
enjoying the home’s features, such as preparing a meal together in a fully
equipped gourmet kitchen.

Include Professional Photos

Photos are crucial when it comes to short-term
rentals. Use professional images to convey the home’s amenities. Invest in
drone and aerial photographs that give potential renters a bird’s eye view of
everything the home offers. Include as many photos as possible so people can
see every room and outdoor living area. Add a detailed floor plan and a guide
to the house with essential information, such as steps to using the appliances.
Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents can access an array of
professional images to enhance their digital marketing

Optimize All Listings

Because short-term rentals need to be continually
rented, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to attract potential
renters. Include relevant keywords in all listings and descriptions, as well as
title tags, metadata, and alt tags (HTML attribute). Verify all spelling and
grammar are correct. Keep SEO best practices in mind at all times to get the
most eyes on your short-term rental listings. Good optimization also helps keep
the listing on top of the search engines to help ensure the property is rented
at all times.

Create Welcoming Outdoor Living Spaces

Renters often choose short-term rentals in key
locations near recreational facilities such as parks, beaches, marinas, and
hiking trails. Create welcoming outdoor living spaces that reflect the
lifestyle in the area. Include places to sit, stroll, observe, eat, and enjoy
outdoor activities. From an outdoor shower to trails for riding quads, make
these areas as usable and inviting as possible.

Stage the House for Guests

A short-term rental must be ready for guests
anytime. All the furnishings and decor should be neutral to appeal to a broad
target audience. Agents need to work with rental property owners and tell them
the house must always be staged and ready to show to potential renters. Remind
them to remove all personal items and clutter. Clean and airy rooms will
attract the most renters.

Focus on Luxurious Touches

To resonate with the discerning luxury market,
rental property owners must offer some of the most coveted extras. A property
that offers luxury, high-end amenities will rent for top dollar. Include a list
of amenities in the property description along with photos. Take a video tour
of the property to walk through it and point out the most alluring amenities along
the way, using some of them to bring the benefits of the house to life further.

Set the Scene for Memorable Travel Experiences

Staging the rental
, creating
outdoor living spaces, and adding luxurious amenities are all ways to set the
scene for memorable travel experiences (MTEs). Encourage property owners to
establish an environment that is conducive to appreciating everything the
region has to offer. For example, having a rowboat with oars at a house near
the lake is a thoughtful way to provide MTEs to guests who stay at the rental

Maintenance Matters

The devil is in the details when it comes to
short-term rental properties. Luxury renters expect to stay at a
well-maintained property, whether they are traveling for business or pleasure.
Agents need to work with property owners to ensure the home is well-maintained
at all times, including landscaping, cleaning, repairs, and updates. Savvy
agents maintain a referral list of reliable locals who handle this work. And
agents can encourage reciprocal referrals by doing this, helping to generate
more leads.

As travelers discover
the many benefits, luxury short-term rentals will continue to increase in
popularity.   Agents who know how to
market these real estate listings can corner this growing niche market and
build a profitable future for themselves.

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