The Best ROI Home Improvement Ideas to Share With Sellers

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Preparing to sell a home is a busy time
for property owners. It takes effort to throw away old stuff, clean the house,
improve the curb appeal, and make necessary repairs. Property owners want to know
about home improvements that add value to the property. Discover some of the best ROI home
improvement ideas for real estate agents to share with sellers.

All Repairs Are Not Created Equal

Many sellers wrongly assume all repairs
will yield a positive return. As a result, a property owner may invest
thousands of dollars in home improvements without making any of this money back
when they sell the house. A well-informed real estate agent helps sellers
decide how to get the most bang for their buck. Let sellers know all home repairs are not created
equal as some are winners and others are sure to become frustratingly
disappointing. While some might not boost the value of the property, they might
be required to help the home sell. For example, issues detected during a home
inspection might require remediation before the house can be sold.

Factors That Impact the Value of Repairs

Several factors influence the value of home improvement
. Make sellers aware of them before they grab a hammer:

  • Specific improvements have value based on the season, such as a well-maintained swimming pool during the summer or a functional wood-burning stove in the winter
  • Location plays a role as few people are concerned about updated heating systems in areas such as Southern California
  • Competing houses being sold in the area at the same time can dictate some of the features, and improvements buyers expect
  • The current market plays a role in the value of home improvements – for example, a fixer-upper sells for more during a seller’s market regardless of the repairs needed

Focus on Flooring

One of the first features people notice
about a home is the floor. If the tiles are cracked or discolored, replace the
noticeably unattractive ones. Carpeting often appears outdated and worn unless
it is new. And frequently, buyers want different colors or textures than the
ones chosen by the sellers. Instead of replacing carpets, have them cleaned. If
hardwood floors are hiding under the rugs, make the most of them. Take up the
carpeting and refinish the hardwood floors, as many buyers are willing to pay a
premium for homes with wood flooring.

If It Leaks, Fix It

Replacing plumbing systems and the roof
can add up to thousands of dollars a seller might never get back. However, if
it leaks, it must be fixed before showing the property. Often a professional
roofing service can replace shingles to repair a leak. Buyers are also sure to
notice dripping faucets and running toilets. Hire a plumber to fix these
problems rather than investing in new fixtures. And, remember to fix the
telltale signs of a recent leak by cleaning or painting the area.

Put On a Coat

Few home repairs yield a better ROI than
adding a coat of paint to the walls, ceilings, exterior, and cabinetry. For a minimal
investment, sellers realize a maximum return. Transform outdated rooms into
modern ones by choosing fresh, neutral hues. Scrape away popcorn ceilings that
instantly announce the house is old then spackle and paint them for a smooth
texture. Peel off wallpaper and replace it with a coat of paint. Want to make a
well-worn kitchen look like new? Paint dark or stained cabinets a light color
to make the room appear clean and spacious.

Go Green

Many buyers want green features in a
home. Saving energy and protecting resources for future generations have become
top priorities. Swap out old-fashioned lighting fixtures for smart new ones.
Replace old appliances with energy-efficient models. If possible, get an energy
audit then make no-cost and low-cost updates to show the home is green. Share
the audit reports and updates with potential buyers to show them how much they
can save on utility cost by purchasing an energy-efficient house.

Look at the Bathroom With Fresh Eyes

Homeowners use the bathroom frequently
and become accustomed to its appearance. Encourage sellers to view the bath
with fresh eyes to see it from a buyer’s perspective. While a total renovation
might not be cost-effective or practical, affordable updates go a long way.
Swap out a stained toilet seat with a clean one and install a modern vanity to
replace one from decades ago. Small renovations can add up to significant
returns when the house is sold.

Consider the Curb Appeal

There’s only one chance to make a great
first impression on buyers. Most potential buyers decide whether they want to
view a house based on its exterior. Tell sellers to clear out old toys and
garbage, mow the lawn, and weed the walkways. Add seasonal plants for a dash of
color and class. Potted plants are an excellent way to enhance the curb appeal without
spending hours – and hundreds of dollars – on gardening. Place solar lights to
illuminate the property after dark within the cost of installing electrical
units. Share exterior photos on social media to generate interest in the
property. Betters Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents spread the word quickly
about available listings by tapping into a robust social media network to attract leads.

some of the best ROI home improvement
ideas with sellers makes an agent a valued resource. Create a list of local
resources for clients to use and encourage reciprocal referrals from other
professionals. Agents who share money-saving information with clients are sure
to get repeat business and referrals.

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