Six Real Estate Agent Tools to Better Promote Homes for Sale

From plumbers to doctors, all professionals have
tools of the trade to accomplish their work. Real estate agents also maximize
various mediums to better promote homes for sale. In a world driven by
technology, successful agents tap into the latest options to provide the
highest level of service to their clients. Discover some of the essential real estate agent tools for selling houses faster and building a dedicated client

Go Beyond the Basics: 3D Images, Virtual Tours and

People shopping for homes want to see photos of the
property. The right images compel potential buyers to schedule an appointment
to view the home. Most properties have a few pictures of the exterior, yard,
and rooms of the house. Use innovative photography techniques to grab attention
and start selling houses.

  • 3D photographs are
    visually appealing. They are dimensional and make buyers feel like they are
    actually viewing the house. Take advantage of the Facebook 3D photo options to
    make property images look more immersive in your feed or look into a company
    like Matterport if you are looking to invest in a
    camera and software/Virtual tours are a perfect way to entice busy and
    out-of-state buyers. They get a preliminary view of a property from the comfort
    of their computer or mobile device before scheduling an appointment to see it.
  • Drone photography is an
    ideal technique for luxury homes, expansive properties, and farms. Showcase the
    full extent of any property by hiring a professional drone photographer to
    capture these awe-inspiring images.

Give Them Something to Talk About: Sharing on Social

It takes more than merely sharing a listing on
social media to get people excited about the home. Be creative, interactive,
and engaging to get people talking on social media. Stand out from the clamoring
crowd with short, informational statements and eye-catching images. Use a few
simple strategies to get more from your social media posts.

  • Facebook’s live feature
    makes it easy to film a video tour of a house. Share the trip as it happens,
    commenting about the best features of the property. People will feel like they
    are part of a private showing and want to know more.
  • Twitter is ideal for fast,
    witty posts that grab attention. Less is more when it comes to sharing listings
    on this social media site that appeals to the older generations.
  • SnapChat is another quick
    way to get more eyes on a listing and show off its potential. Use this social
    media site to connect with millennial buyers.
  • LinkedIn is a perfect tool
    to link with professionals, including bankers, mortgage representatives,
    attorneys, and other real estate agents.
  • Pinterest and Instagram
    are the right places to showcase the best photos of available properties with
    brief descriptions that make buyers take note.

Reach Out and Touch Someone: Snail Mail, Email,
Texts, and Cold Calling

To be profitable in real estate, agents must connect
with as many people as possible, as often as they can. Reach out and touch
someone every day to generate more leads today and in the future. Use the
method preferred by the client based on past interactions and generation

  • Snail mail brochures and
    postcards reach older buyers who may not know how to use a computer and prefer
    to have something they can physically see and hold in their hands.
  • Email is often a preferred
    contact method for Generation X and Y buyers who are busy working, driving kids
    around, and multi-tasking.
  • Text messaging helps
    agents stay in touch with millennial buyers and send new listings as they hit
    the market.
  • Cold calling is a timeless
    way to reach out to buyers of all ages and backgrounds. Smile and dial to let
    prospective buyers know about the latest properties on the market.

Live, Laugh, and Go Local: Focus on the Neighborhood

Agents are an integral part of the growth and vibe
of any neighborhood. Buyers expect a seasoned agent to know about local
happenings. Get involved with local businesses, activities, hobbies, and hot
spots. Use a few easy strategies to become known as a community-minded agent
who cares.

  • Enjoy favorite hobbies and
    talk about local happening and real estate while boating, golfing, swimming,
    crafting, and more.
  • Organize a local clean-up
    project and make the office a central zone to get gloves and trash bags.
  • Sponsor a local sports
    team with hats and shirts that display the real estate agency logo.
  • Attend charitable events
    and display coin cups at the office to collect money for charities.
  • Schedule open houses and
    connect with agents who can help with selling homes.
  • Host a holiday or seasonal
    event with giveaways from local businesses. Encourage reciprocal marketing and
    referrals to generate more leads.

Do It Write: Become a Real Estate Blogger

Everyone has a story to tell, especially real estate
agents who want to sell homes. Posting fresh blog content attracts readers and
search engines. Create time-sensitive and evergreen articles for a steady
stream of targeted traffic.

  • Blog about local eateries,
    parks, recreational venues, and events to connect with locals, and become
    well-known as a trustworthy neighborhood authority.
  • Publish relevant articles
    that offer tips to buyers on applying for a mortgage, shopping for a house, and
    other subjects of interest.
  • Create articles about the
    latest listings with detailed descriptions, video tours, and attractive images
    with contact information for buyers to find out more.
  • Perform keyword research
    to naturally infuse the right words into blog titles, content, and metadata.
  • Add sharing buttons to
    make it easy for readers to share articles on social media and drive more
    traffic to the listings.
  • Write guest blogs and
    create articles for high-profile, open access sites such as Medium and
    LinkedIn, with a link to the agency.

Master Marketing Methods: Experiential, Staging,
Digital, and PR

Selling houses means mastering the most effective
marketing methods. It takes more than a couple of descriptive sentences and
images in a listing to promote homes for sale. Let the property speak for
itself by marketing it with enthusiasm and skill. Better Homes and Gardens®

Real Estate agents have access to a robust range of digital marketing
to harness
the latest technologies to sell more homes.

  • Experiential marketing
    encourages buyers to be interactive, creating a sense of excitement and urgency
    about the property. Buyers can imagine themselves living at the house, making
    it a desirable option.
  • Hire a professional
    staging company to transform an ordinary, messy home into an extraordinary,
    well-organized house that will impress the most discerning buyers.
  • Keep SEO in mind when
    writing property descriptions, blog articles, and social media posts. Use local
    keywords and hashtags to attract more buyers.
  • Focus on positive public
    relations and get featured in local media by responding to a journalist’s
    request for an interview with a real estate expert through HARO (Help a
    Reporter Out).

Smart marketing,
exceptional communication, and a passion for the neighborhood help agents make
connections that matter. Use these six real estate
agent tools to reach more buyers and start selling
houses. Establish relationships, build trust, and watch the leads keep
coming in.

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