How to Get More Leads in Real Estate: Six Ways to Connect With Clients

Making connections is the
lifeblood of the real estate business. Networking helps agents develop
meaningful relationships, which can turn into real estate leads and clients in
the future. People want to do business with professionals they know and trust.
Discover how to get more leads in real estate with these six ways to connect with

Schedule the Best Open Houses

Open houses are a natural way to meet sellers and
potential buyers as well as other real estate professionals. Schedule the best open houses to become notorious in the area
for events that fully showcase an available property. Invite notable locals,
schedule entertainment , and serve tiny appetizers and beverages. Plan the
party around the most appealing features of the home to ensure the guests
notice the in-ground swimming pool, entertainment room, and gourmet kitchen and
dining space.

Invest in professional photographs to include in
brochures distributed at the open house events. Take the time to walk around
the room and network and give a business card to everyone. Collect business
cards from the event and keep notes about your conversation on the cards to
refer to during future interactions. Open houses help agents link with clients
and other professionals who can send referrals.

Host a Webinar

Known as a modern-day open house, webinars offer
unbeatable lead generation opportunities for agents. Webinars are created and
recorded to play whenever people are scheduled to listen. Agents must have
compelling content, such as an informational series about buying or selling
property, or a collection of impressive local listings to present to agents,
investors, and interested buyers.

Agents can leverage the power of webinars while they
attend appointments with sellers and buyers. As the agent is focusing on an
active lead, the webinar is working in the background to generate leads.
Enterprising agents can run multiple versions to maximize the potential of the
webinar. Plan a schedule of ongoing webinars to keep people coming back for
more and build a relationship with them. People are more likely to contact an
agent they already know, such as a trusted webinar presenter.

Establish Authority As a Writer

Many agents use their downtime to become
authoritative content writers.  Establishing a blog is an excellent way to post
useful content, updated listings, and neighborhood news to help agents connect
with more locals. Articles can also be posted on professional networking sites
such as LinkedIn to reach out to professionals who could agree to reciprocal
referrals in the future. Another option is posting articles as a guest at other
blogs to expand an agent’s reach.

All the articles should be shared on the agent’s
social media accounts. Include additional information with the post and keep
checking for comments. Reply to all comments and look for relevant sharing
opportunities to reciprocate. Building these relationships can drive traffic to
your articles and help generate more leads.

Become Well-Known Around Town

Agents who establish themselves as local authorities
connect with more potential clients. Beyond selling and listing real estate,
agents should have a robust recreational life. Engaging in favorite hobbies is
an excellent way to connect with possible clients. A friend from the yacht club
might be ready to list and sell a waterfront property, or a member of your book
club might be prepared to buy a house.

Support local business and give out business cards.
Make sure other professionals in the area know who you are and what you do.
Attend local events, sponsor neighborhood parades, and support area charities.
All of these are opportunities to promote your business and make a connection
with other locals. Agents who refer clients to local businesses are sure to see
more referrals.

Teach and Talk

Gain respect and connect with clients by teaching
local courses at community centers and libraries. Agents can offer mini-courses
in subjects such as buying or selling a house, staging a property, and
pre-qualifying for a mortgage. When the students are ready to contact an agent,
they will remember the person who taught them.

Another option is to be a scheduled speaker at
events such as housing seminars and real estate expos. Distribute informational
packets with a business card for attendees to contact you with any questions
after the event. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agents are invited to
attend some of the best branding and learning events in the industry.

Host Housewarming Parties and Other Soirees

Everyone likes to be invited to a party or
celebration, and these gatherings are a fun way to connect with clients. Agents
can offer a more personal touch by hosting a housewarming party for clients who
just closed on a home. Invite the neighbors to come by for snacks, beverages,
and conversation. Clients will appreciate the introduction to their neighbors,
and agents might walk away with a new client or two.

Host other soirees throughout the year to remind
clients about your services and maintain a personal connection. Options include
a holiday office party with a visit from Santa and a Halloween gathering where
kids can trick-or-treat and get a face painting. Start an annual tradition to
keep everyone talking about you.

Agents who learn how to get more leads in real
estate become successful and profitable for years to come. Getting real estate
leads can be challenging in the beginning, but hard-working agents can build a
lucrative enterprise based on positive relationships and dedicated customer

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