Getting a Real Estate License? How to Choose the Right Agency

Once an aspiring agent completed the required real estate education and passes the exam, it’s time
to think about the future. While agents are independent contractors, they must
work on behalf of a licensed real estate broker. Is an agent getting a real estate license soon? Learn how to
choose the right agency for a successful future.

Examine the Environment

An agent needs to feel comfortable to be productive.
Some agents want a hip atmosphere while others prefer a casual or professional
one. Visit local brokerages to determine the corporate culture. Consider the
seating arrangement, location, and overall vibe. Is the office attractive and
welcoming or off-putting? From the receptionist’s greeting to the broker’s
philosophy, make sure the environment feels right.

View the Online Presence

Every broker has an online presence. Check out the
company website, blog, and social media accounts to see if they are modern,
fresh, and optimized. Look for comments and other signs of interactive behavior
between the brokerage and prospective clients. And read online reviews to
determine what people think of the brokerage before deciding to work there.
Search for reviews at leading sites consumers read before taking action, such
as Google and Yelp.

Consider Brand Reputation

Working for a brokerage with a recognized brand
makes it easier for new agents to get noticed. A respected brand means people
will trust the agency when they are ready to buy, sell, or rent properties.
Well-established agencies have a memorable name, eye-catching logo, and a
slogan that defines the mission of the business. Choose a brand that resonates
with local buyers and sellers, so they instantly appreciate an agent who works
for the company.

Boutique Agency vs. Franchise

Agents may think a boutique agency is smaller and
offers more individualized attention to new agents. While boutique agencies
have unique benefits, they also quite limited. Franchise agencies provide a
myriad of benefits to keep agents connected and help them reach out to more
clients. For example, multiple agency locations mean more leads. And if the
sites are across the region or country, there are opportunities for agents to
relocate to another city or state seamlessly. Plus, franchise agencies have
access to exclusive savings on technology and other essential tools to
jump-start an agent’s career.

Support Staff

New agents are sure to have a learning curve as they
apply classroom knowledge in the field. With so much to learn and do, it helps
to work for a brokerage with support staff. Find out if the agency provides a
receptionist and secretary to take care of answering phones, filing, and
routine paperwork. If not, the agent will be responsible for these tasks as
well as performing their jobs or pay to hire a secretary.

Agent Training Opportunities

The best agencies provide ongoing training
opportunities for agents to broaden their horizons and grow their careers.
Agents are required to fulfill a certain number of continuing education credits
to maintain their licenses. Beyond this requirement, brokers should offer
training to ensure agents understand how to use the latest technologies and
marketing strategies. Advanced training may be provided in-person, online, or

Accessing Tools of the Trade

The best brokers have access to all the tools of the
trade, including the MLS, software applications, and professional photography.
Agents should inquire about the tools provided by the broker to help them
establish and maintain a thriving career. For example, Better Homes and Gardens®
Real Estate agents have access to a full range of marketing
including sleek photos and more.

Commission Splits and Desk Fees

The bottom line is what matters to most agents. They
want to make money, and that means working for a broker that offers the best
possible commission splits. Shop around to find out what the local brokers
offer their agents. Find out if agents are required to pay desk fees and other
expenses or if they broker cover them. A large commission split might add up to
less than expected when these costs are deducted. Do the math to find the right

Awards and Professional Memberships

While awards are not the only indicator, they show
if a broker excels in a particular area. Agents working for an award-winning
agency are likely to generate more leads. People know they can trust an agency
that wins awards for its excellent performance. Consider if the broker is a
member of well-known professional organizations, such as the NAR.

Lead Generation Protocols

Leads are a lifeline for agents to earn an income.
Agents are expected to generate their own leads by tapping into their personal
and professional network of contacts. Smart marketing, attending community
events, and referrals are other ways to get more leads. Some agencies also
provide leads to their agents, which sweetens the deal for newbies. Inquire
about the lead generation protocols to ensure there will be opportunities to
connect with more potential clients. Have a frank discussion about commissions and leads to
get aligned with the right broker.

Completing the necessary
real estate education and getting a real estate
is just
the first step to success. Choosing the right agency can make or break an
agent’s career. Craft a compelling resume, visit different brokers in the area
and choose the one that helps agents soar to their successful destinies.

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