Get More Real Estate Leads: Become a Social Media Influencer

Over the past decade, learning technology has become
compulsory for real estate agents. From email newsletters to social media
posting, innovative ways to share and connect become the newest methods of lead
generation. Savvy agents have already harnessed the power of the latest
innovations to attract more business. Discover how to get more real estate
leads by becoming a social media influencer.

Establish Dedicated Social Media Accounts

The first step is to establish social media accounts
specifically for business purposes. While adding occasional personal updates is
a great way to be relatable to clients, the statements should be primarily focused
on real estate matters. Include updated listings, tips for buyers and sellers,
and links to local businesses and events. Becoming a social media influencer
starts by offering enough diversity to drive traffic, as well as a dedicated
focus on the topic of real estate.

Select a Specific Niche Market

With focusing in mind, the next step is to choose a
specific niche market. The most successful social influencers are well-versed
in a narrow topic to become known as authorities in a particular subject. Examples
might include veteran homebuyers, first-time homebuyers, sellers who are
relocating, and seniors seeking to downsize. Perform keyword research related
to the niche audience and review the People Also Ask section of Google
searches. Use these terms to craft content that resonates with the chosen
audience to start building a dedicated following.

Create a Notable Brand

An agent who has a recognizable voice stands above
the competitors. From a dash of humor to authoritative, there are many
approaches to consider. An agent should adopt a natural voice that suits his or
her usual manner of conducting business. Use language, imagery, and colors to
inspire a mood and create a brand people recognize and remember. Memorable
posts help turn social media users into respected influencers.

Determine the Target Audience

Beyond the niche market, verify the target audience
for that type of real estate. For example, what are the typical demographics of
local seniors who want to downsize? Find out these crucial answers to refine
all promotional content to reach out to a specific age group or type of
consumer. Connecting with the right target audience transforms a fledgling
social media influencer into a well-followed authority.

Create Compelling Content

With the niche market and target audience in mind,
social influencers can create compelling content that gets attention. Maintain
a pulse on the latest real estate trends, then share updates and advice to keep
people coming back for more. Some agents hire a professional writer to create
the content regularly to ensure consistency. Content should be posted on a
schedule, such as weekly or monthly, so readers know what to expect.

Publicize All Content

Even the best content is meaningless without an
audience. Blog entries, guest blog posts, and social media posts should all be
cross-publicized for optimum traffic and recognition. Sharing posts on various social media and medium attract people who
might not have otherwise seen the updates. Throwing out a broad net attracts
more followers and helps social media influencers gain clout. Better Homes and
Gardens® Real Estate agents share updates with a vast audience of dedicated social

participants and followers for maximum exposure.

Be Interactive with Clients

Busy real estate agents might find it easy to post
and forget about it. But, often people make comments about a
post or share it. Agents should periodically monitor all social media accounts
to keep the content fresh and respond to all the comments. When people comment
at a business, they expect a response. Remaining interactive with clients
creates an ongoing relationship based on trust and communication.

Keep Track of Progress

Marketing campaigns need to be measurable to
determine if they are worth the ongoing investment of time and money. Use
Google Analytics and other applications to gauge the progress of social media
marketing efforts. Keeping track of the status is a way to determine what works
and what needs to be updated. Making these necessary tweaks helps social media
relevant and well-liked by their audience.

Be Flexible

The top social media influencers are dedicated to a topic
and philosophy but willing to adapt to societal changes. As real estate and
technology both evolve at breakneck speeds, the most successful agents
recognize the need to be flexible. An agent who offers cutting-edge updates and
smart advice will attract more followers and real estate leads.

Becoming a social media influencer requires
research, dedication, and an innate ability to connect with people. Agents who
master the process can generate an ongoing stream of real estate leads and

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