Client Closing on a House? Seven Tips to Encourage Future Business

Real estate agent giving business card to client

Closing on a house is an exciting day for the buyers
and agent who helped make it happen. From the initial house
search to the final inspection, every step is emotionally-charged until
the deal goes through. When the clients are happy, an agent has an opportunity
to encourage future business. Use these seven tips to stay connected with
clients and get more referrals.

Be Available After the Closing

During the hectic days of buying or selling a home,
clients communicate regularly with their real estate agent. Maintain that
connection after the closing. On the day after closing, follow-up with an
email, call, or text to congratulate them on owning their new home. While the
clients are moving in, stop by with flowers, food, or anything they would
appreciate based on past conversations. If they are private people, have
something special sent to the house with a congratulatory note. After a month,
reach out with a postcard or quick call to inquire if they need anything.

Create an Exclusive List

Over time, a client might forget an agent unless
they stay connected. Create a follow-up list to reach out to clients long after
closing on a house. Stay in touch by using the client’s preferred method of
communication. Send cards, emails, or text messages to wish clients a happy
birthday and joyful holiday season. Affiliated Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents can send subscriptions to Better Homes & Gardens
magazines and other magazines of interest to the buyers with a customized label
with their headshot and personalized message on the cover.  As a buyer is settling into their new home,
they are sure to appreciate the inspirational design ideas as they make the
home their own.  Remember to send closing
day anniversary messages that encourage them to contact you if they need
assistance and refer you to others who are buying or selling a property. Be
willing to provide free advice to past clients, such as a home valuation or a
recommendation for a home renovation contractor. The information an agent
provides freely today can turn into new business tomorrow.

Bring Them Into the Fold With Branded Merchandise

After closing on a house,
give the clients branded merchandise – express pleasure in being able to help
them find a home. State how proud the agency was to help make their dreams come
true. Branded merchandise can make clients feel connected with the agent and
company. And whenever clients wear or use the branded items, they act as an
ongoing advertisement for the business. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents can offer a variety of quality branded swag including apparel, gifts,
business accessories, golf products, and more.

Connect On Social Media

Establish connections with clients and associates on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn,
and Instagram. Become a valued resource with something interesting to share.
Post listings, useful advice for homeowners, and local updates. Share targeted
information with clients based on their interests. For example, a client who likes
comedy might appreciate an occasional joke. Or someone with a neighborhood
business would be happy to get a shout-out on social media from a local real
estate agent. And offer to meet locals for a cup of coffee at the local diner
or café for a personal touch.

Support a Charitable Cause

Local charities are always looking for support,
volunteers, and donations. Supporting a charity is a wonderful way to stay
active in the neighborhood while doing something good for someone else. People
see a volunteer in action or read when a company sponsors a charity. Attend a
charitable event, such as a marathon or cocktail party to connect with former
clients and prospect for new ones. Besides doing something important, helping a
charitable cause builds trust because clients know an agent cares.

Become a Local Resource

What are the current market conditions for buying or
selling a home in the area? When is the best time of year to do specific home
renovations? Where are the local hot spots, and why does everyone in the
neighborhood love them? Answers to these types of questions turn an agent into
a valued local resource. Provide consistent updates on a blog, social media, or
by sending an email newsletter. Agents with localized expertise build trust and
become well-known for their dedicated community involvement.

Host an Annual Event

Hosting an annual event is an easy way to stay
connected with former clients. An agent can hold a holiday party and visitors
to bring an item for those in need. Agents can give away candy on Halloween,
encouraging former clients to visit the office to trick-or-treat. Get involved
in local happenings by having a float at the local parade with a banner
advertising the agency. Remember to share all the activities and events on
social media to give attendees something to look forward to each year. And
prospective clients will see an agent who is committed to being an important
part of the neighborhood.

Agents help clients get through the ups and downs of
a house search. Closing
on a house with a client is a significant accomplishment for everyone.
Continue to celebrate it in the weeks and years ahead by staying connected with
clients – and reaping the rewards of repeat business and referrals.

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