Building Relationships in Business: How to Win a Client’s Long-Term Trust

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A successful real estate
agent knows how to establish and nurture long-term relationships. Even
when clients move away, they continue to refer people they left behind to the
agent. Learn about building relationships in business
to establish a reputable brand and get more referrals. Discover how to win a
client’s continued trust by being authentic and knowledgeable in all

Be an Attentive Listener

Record conversations, take notes and create
checklists to stay on top of client requests. Be an attentive listener and keep
accurate records to keep track of what each client wants. And be prepared to
provide reasons upfront if you vary from these requests. For example, showing a
client who wants white cabinetry a house with wood cabinets might make them
think you weren’t paying attention. Immediately point out the generous number
of cabinets and how they can easily be painted white to suit the client’s

Know When and How to Speak

During the initial interactions, clients should do
most of the talking. Agents can outline their education, experience, and share
some local info to prove their value. But the clients should be getting the
spotlight to express their wants, needs, budget, and dreams. The more agents
know about clients, the better they can help them achieve or exceed their real
estate goals. And agents who can make a fantasy a reality are sure to get
plenty of referrals.

Be Authentic to Build Trust

A small lie can have an enormous impact on an
agent’s reputation and credibility. Always keep your promises. Never say you
can deliver more than what is realistically possible. If a problem arises, such
as an illness or a schedule conflict, be honest, and offer a quick resolution.
Choose a niche, develop an original voice, and express genuine enthusiasm about
the community and what you do. Agents who recognize their areas of expertise
and share original anecdotes become memorable enough to attract more leads.

Establish Ongoing Communication to Avoid

Clients expect ongoing feedback about the sale of a
property. Sellers want a progress report to determine how many qualified buyers
expressed interest in the property. And buyers are continually searching for
new listings that meet their criteria. Establish ongoing communication to
ensure clients never feel neglected or disappointed. Find out how clients
prefer to communicate – via email, text, phone, or in-person. Make an effort to
reach out in a way that makes them most comfortable to establish a relationship
based on consideration.

Join Industry and Local Professional Groups

Clients want to know an agent is competent and
honest. An agent who belongs to industry and local professional groups proves
his or her expertise: post licenses and group affiliations in the office in a
place where clients can see them. Participate in community events and
neighborhood improvement projects with other local professionals. Create a
network of mutual referrals to help locals find a team of helpful professionals
they can trust.

Provide Useful Info on Q&A Sites

built online as well as offline. Social media interactions and email
newsletters are two tried-and-true ways to stay in touch. Another way to
establish and develop relationships is by providing useful information on
Q&A sites such as Trulia Voices. 
Agents who readily answer questions without immediate expectations earn
respect. When people are looking for a top-notch real
estate agent, they are sure to remember the one who responded to their
initial questions.

Publish Meaningful Content

Another way to initiate and nurture online
relationships is by posting blogs and social media updates. Post regularly to
build an audience of followers. Include questions, surveys, and other
interactive opportunities to open up the lines of communication. Monitor all social media accounts and blogs to reply to
comments and inquiries promptly. Keep the conversation going with the blog and
social media updates. Use the comments and questions to develop future blog
content that resonates with your target audience – and helps generate more
leads. Add photos and videos that focus on what makes the neighborhood and
properties great. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to a
library of professional images to add to blog articles and
social media posts for visual appeal.

Start and Participate in Online Groups

People join professional groups in the community to
make meaningful connections to help build their businesses. Agents start and
participate in online groups for the same reasons. Look for neighborhood and
industry groups where agents can post about community news, current listings,
and real estate updates. Groups on Facebook and other sites encourage sharing,
connecting, and creating relationships that help generate referrals.

Building relationships in business is the foundation for a
profitable career as a real estate agent. The
most successful agents are both friendly and knowledgeable. Hone these skills
to build a relatable personal brand, gain long-term trust from clients, and
generate more leads.

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