Most Popular Green Features in Homes to Make Real Estate Listings Pop

The new normal has made people more mindful than ever before about their health and the well-being of the world around them. As a result, an increasing number of buyers are looking for green features in homes. Discover how to showcase environmentally-friendly homes to make these coveted real estate listings pop.

Windows to the World

Drafty old windows make it difficult to maintain the proper temperature in a home and waste energy. Plus, cracked windows with broken frames make a house look poorly maintained. Green buyers want new windows that let in natural light, reduce energy use, and open and close easily. Updated windows give the interior and exterior of homes a fresh look to attract more potential buyers.

Green Doors

As you check the windows, also see if the doors are updated and energy-efficient. For improved curb appeal, encourage the sellers to swap out an old door for a new one with tight seals and weatherproofing. An attractive and green front door makes buyers want to go inside and see more.

Water Savers

Saving water is another concern for environmentally conscious buyers. Swap out old fixtures for water saving ones, such as faucets. Consider installing a water-saving toilet to make the bathroom as efficient as the other rooms in the house. Maintain a list of local contractors to recommend to sellers making upgrades – and encourage reciprocal referrals.

Clean Air

Maintaining a clean environment, including the air, is crucial when showing homes with green features. Make sure all surfaces are free of dust and dirt. Inquire about air cleaning features, such as ones that are added to a HVAC system, to see if the sellers can promote the home as having clean air. A basic air filtration system and vacuum with HEPA filter also helps remove toxins from the air.

Smart Lighting

While efficient light fixtures are an excellent selling point, smart lighting can be as simple as swapping old light bulbs for energy efficient ones. Another option is encouraging the sellers to install dimmer switches so buyers can control the level of lighting and energy used. Remote control lighting is another desirable green feature to include in the listing description to attract more buyers.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Older appliances use a lot of energy and buyers typically want to replace them. A house with Energy Star appliances appeals to green buyers who recognize the savings on utility bills in the years to come. Take photos of modern appliances to showcase in listing descriptions and on social media to grab green buyers’ attention. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to a diverse range of social media to reach out to more green buyers.

Updated Heating and Cooling Systems

Maintaining the right temperature in a home keeps everyone safe and comfortable. Updated heating and cooling systems operate efficiently and save energy over time. Sellers who invest in upgrades often realize a return on investment because buyers realize the importance of having quality heating and cooling systems they can depend on for years.

Quality Insulation

Some older homes have poor insulation or no insulation to help maintain cool temperatures in the summer and warm ones in the winter. Installing quality insulation is an affordable way to make homes more energy-efficient. Plus, buyers recognize the savings on utility bills when a house has proper insulation.

LEED Certification

The ultimate green home is LEED-certified to provide natural light, clean indoor air, and reduced use of water and energy. Certified homes use less energy than non-green ones and provide the reassurance green buyers want that the house is optimally efficient. Promote LEED-certified homes by listing the benefits of their features and how much homeowners can save by owning one. Write blog articles, social media posts, and newsletters explaining what a LEED-certified home is and the advantages of buying one.

Intelligent Landscaping

Green landscaping considers the local climate, drought conditions, and other factors to have plants that prosper with minimal maintenance. Some green houses use trees and shrubbery to keep the home cool during certain months of the year. Make sure all landscaping is trimmed and tidy to showcase its abilities to support a green living environment.

Making homes today with one or more of these green features helps make real estate listings pop. From millennial buyers looking for energy-efficiency to seniors who want to reduce utility bills, green homes make sense for everyone. Smart real estate agents recognize this growing opportunity to get a piece of this valuable and sustainable market.

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